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Product Designer & Strategist

I leverage my design, research, and strategy skills to craft elegant, data-driven digital products that make people's lives easier. Get In Touch

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I’m a product designer and strategist. I am addicted to prototyping and collecting feedback to improve my designs through user research.

Before working in product, I was pursuing a PhD in human-robot interaction because I'm fascinated by how humans interact with technology. But along the way I fell in love with user experience. I learned best UX practices by working with Jaime Levy to write the latest edition of her best-selling book, UX Strategy (and you can watch the whole thing unfold on YouTube), and I put those skills to use to help my freelance clients to identify areas for growth in existing products and bring new product ideas to life.

Currently I'm designing thoughtful experiences and learning more about product development as a Product Designer and Product Owner at Array.

In my spare time you can find me playing with my dog Bandit, scouring the thrift store for my next find, or making some art (like the illustration at the top of this page).