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Revitalizing a Content Engagement Platform for Life Science Events

Summary: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I led the redesign of a content engagement platform, which transitioned from serving in-person life science events to delivering virtual experiences. This project, spanning May to December 2021, included collaborating with developers to revitalize the interface while maintaining functionality for internal and external users. Thorough research, stakeholder engagement, and iterative design were pivotal, resulting in the adoption of a radical interface overhaul. I helped select a Material Design-based component library for efficient implementation, with internal support garnered through company-wide surveys. The new design not only succeeded in bridging participant and presenter experiences but also streamlined customization efforts, leading to the eventual retirement of legacy platforms. The project showcased the significance of stakeholder buy-in, cross-functional cooperation, and user-centered design, setting a foundation for future successes.

Role: This was fulltime work as a product designer. I spearheaded the project by conducting user research, wireframing, prototyping, and writing user stories to support implementation.

Timeline: May through December 2021

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